Thursday, June 9, 2011

more of Fabulous February.....

Continuing with pictures from the twins' 1st birthday:
My baby sister, Boo Boo, created these two and posted them on FaceBook. I love how she included pics from their first days of life with pics from now. It is still so hard to believe the growth & development that they have accomplished already!

My friend & former co-worker, Jill, brought the most clever gift wrapped present! Isn't it so cute how she wrapped it half-n-half style?!

Cowboy Kooper playing with all the balloons!

Cowgirl Hadlee and Cowboy Kooper enjoying all their friends & presents!

Cake Time!

Singing Happy Birthday!

*Make A Wish*

Hadlee was so sweet and shared her cake even with Marley....she giggled so loudly everytime Marley took a lick! It was adorable & Marley loved the sugar snack!

....and she shared with her Mommy, awe.....such a sweetheart!

The cake wasn't enough sugar, Hadlee decided to eat a white-chocolate cowgirl hat while smashing her cake. Yummy!

Koop and his beautiful blue eyes with a face covered in icing.

After the party, my Mom gave the twins a bath & dressed them in their Birthday Onesie's that a great friend of mine from college (Susie) bought them. They were a little too big, but they were still so cute on them!

My parents bought the twins personlized chairs for their b-day gifts and as you can see, they really enjoy climbing all over them!

As I said in my last post, my cousin Bret, was also able to drive up from his place in SC and spend the weekend with us all. Hadlee & Kooper love having him around because he is so much fun to play with. Bret was so kind to pull Hadlee around the house in the little toy wagon while I was nursing Kooper. She didn't want him to stop!

"Before" Kooper's first hair cut

"After" his first hair cut. I was so sad....he looks like such a big boy now :-(

We also had the twins' 1st Birthday pictures done by the photographer that took their 5 month pictures last summer. She did a wonderful job even though it was too cold to spend much time outside. I'll be posting those pictures next!!!

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